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Spaced repetitions for minimalists

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash + Space
Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash + Space

Space. A decent minimalist design and clean algorithm. One of my two favourites among SRS at the time of writing this paragraph. Quick, intuitive to use, and really not overloaded with unnecessary features when customizing cards (basic font formatting, list creation, image attaching and drawing tools are available with an easy transition from the front side to the back one). Light and dark modes. Integration with Unsplash for cute images as deck covers. Search in all-the-cards-and-decks that Quizlet desperately lacks for so long. Setting a card limit per session and reminders. Mobile and browser versions. Though, in the latter, you can only register an account, add new cards and synchronize them with the mobile version. The only inconvenience is that we can add only one card at a time. However, as developers say, bulk upload is scheduled for the foreseen future along with the further development of the browser version. And yes, the most important thing — free forever.