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As simple as a rice cake

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash + Mochi
Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash + Mochi

Mochi. A new hero among spaced repetition apps. In the best traditions of East Asian design, maximum minimalism. A single screen of pleasant grey-beige shade and just a couple of tabs — no frills. Possibility to design double-sided cards, as well as single-sided ones, for example, with gaps. The most basic text formatting and attaching external files. A built-in voiceover feature, however, the mechanical voice sounds, to my taste, unnecessarily creaky. Decks can be shared or worked through a special cram mode, which doesn't affect the regular flow of repetitions. Users can set the algorithm on their own by choosing intervals for the two possible answers in the program: "remember" and "forgot" — no space for uncertainties like "remember, but not sure". A simple and user-friendly mobile app. BUT. A significant BUT — almost none of the described makes sense without a paid subscription ($5 a month). All created cards and preset settings will be lost every time you clear your browser cache. And forget about device synchronisation — for the paying users only.