Polaris Klasse is a language education project (blog, courses, etc.).

My mission as a Polaris founder is to


humanise L2 education,


help to grow a better understanding of L2 education.

I believe that communication overcomes misunderstandings and stereotypes. It brings knowledge and builds bonds. It makes each of us a stronger individual and a global citizen.

Here I talk about how we learn foreign languages, accumulate know-hows, and share positive practices that improve learning experience. I also publish stories about linguistics, literacy and general education.

What makes communication better? Inter alia – Language.

About me


The person who creates all this.

Viktoria. Philologist, language educator and instructional designer.I teach, create course designs, and write articles about education.

  • Six year experience in foreign language education.
  • A certified teacher of Russian as a foreign language.
  • Qualification C1 Advanced in English.

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My project 'Polaris Klasse' is the essence of the years of experience and never-ending research. Enjoy exploration the site as much as I enjoy creating it 💕